Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dengue Fever (Part 1)

Friday 15th October, I was at my farm in Pedas, doing the mid-month stock checking. I left the farm around 6pm and drove home to Kajang. Whilst driving, I felt nauseate and my head throbbed. But, thank God, I arrived home safely. Hubby was still in Pedas. I took 2 panadol active fast tablets and went to bed. It was just 8pm. Two hours later, I woke up and my head was hurting very badly.... I felt cold and was shivering, my whole body was aching so bad.... I could not even stand up....

But I made my way downstairs to the living room where hubby was watching television, having just returned home from Pedas. He thought I was sleeping and did not want to disturb me. He felt my forehead and it was hot. So, he quickly took me to the ER at KPJ Kajang.

My hubby had to put me in the wheelchair because I was unable to walk. The staff nurse took my temperature and it was 39 C. I was examined by the MO who after questioning n examining me, told me that I had gastric. He prescribed some medicines where the nurse told me to swallow. The nurse could only find the vein to insert the 'tube' thing after their 3rd attempt. It was painful. Anyway, after about an hour or so... the MO asked me whether I would like to be admitted or to return home. I chose the latter, after all my ailment was only gastric. The nurse then removed the 'tube' thing.

Anyway, the next morning I felt a lot better. But around noon, I began to feel nauseate, headache, feverish and my whole body n joints aching very badly.... My son, Badruzzaman then called my hubby. My hubby told Bard to take me to KPJ Kajang immediately. So, Bard, Wahiduzzaman and Sofiyah took me to KPJ Kajang.

Again, I needed to use the wheelchair. A different MO attended to me and I requested that I be admitted and my physician Dr Ong to attend to me. I was taken to Room 451 (VIP suite) at KPJ Kajang on 16th October (Saturday). Dr Ong then came and took samples of my blood for testing. I then requested that if I need the 'tube' thing to be inserted, could he please do it and not the nurse!!

When the results came, I was dengue positive. I was shocked beyond words!! Damn Aedes.. where n when did it bite me??? Anyway, I was told that a Health Officer from the Jabatan Kesihatan will be interviewing me since I was dengue positive. She came and asked me where I have been about a week ago. I told her I was in Singapore. Hmmmm... Singapore... Really???

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Sari Yusa Ibrahim said...

kih3... memang kurang ajar itu nyamuk aedes yek.. hehe. Alhamdulillah, Kak Liz dah sembuh sekarang..

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