Thursday, October 14, 2010

Luxury cab??

(Mercs sibling..(younger to round eyed))

The express bus reached its destination at approx 2.15pm at ***** hotel in Singapore. I then carried my heavy bag to the taxi station in front of the hotel, with the other passengers. We queued, I was third in line. Two taxis came and the first two passengers before me boarded the taxis. When it was my turn.... alamak....a MERCEDES (round eyed) was the next taxi available approaching the station... It halted right in front of me. I then approached the mercs and tap on the window to get the driver's attention.. He terperanjat (alarmed) when I did that.

I then asked him, " Hello sir, if I hire your taxi, will the fare be different??". Now hes getting annoyed..."of course. Got extra charges.." "Is that so?? Ok then, no thank you sir. I will wait for another taxi." I then approached the guy next in line and offered him the mercs taxi. He asked me, "Aunty why you don't want take ah??". I said, "No need lah.. charge extra some more... You take lah. I can wait normal taxi. I no hurry one." He looked at me and then at the mercs (still waiting..) and said, "I also don't want lah. Wait sure expensive ma..." and turn on the guy behind him and that guy also did not want to take the taxi..!! AND he asked the family (I think tourists also) of four behind him, who also did not want to hire the mercs... Head of the family asked me, "Madam, why u not taking taxi??". "No lah, charge extra because MERCEDES lah..." He laughed and said, "We have to pay extra because MERCEDES.... Like that no need, I also can wait for normal taxi".

AND so... we all waited for the next taxi.. which... did not emerge for a full 5 mins.. and that MERCS just stayed there. Lucky for us, a couple suddenly came out of the hotel and rushed to the waiting Mercs and boarded it (no questions asked). When the mercs finally left, the guy behind me asked, "Aunty, where u from?". "Malaysia lah." He laughed and said, "I also lah...". Moral of the story?? What say u?

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