Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our 28th Wedding Anniversary

(Sofiyah with the other children at Pantai Junior Club event)

Today is my 28th wedding anniversary. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and six adorable children. I love them all very much. But then, guess what?? My dear husband, as usual, forgot our anniversary. Typical of all husbands, I guess, is it not??

Anyway, when I sent an sms to my husband wishing him our anniversary, he called me immediately... and as usual, will never admit that he forgot our anniversary... Hahahaaha.. He suggested that I drive down to Port Dickson and meet him there for dinner. Hubby is now at our Farm and I am at Pantai Medical Centre with Sofiyah. Shes enjoying herself at this event organised by the Pantai Junior Club. They have a yoga exercise, followed by musical scarf, then lunch and now they are having win, lose or draw. Sofiyah is now 11 years old, so she will only have another year to be a member of this club.

Well, I am looking forward to meet hubby at Port Dickson tonight. Perhaps we might stay the night at one of the hotels by the beach... Hmmmmm... But then,

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