Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Simon oh Simon...

I was at the farm yesterday morning (August 3) to do headcount of my livestock. Simon's head was caught between the railing bars, so my workers had to saw off Simon's head!!! No lah.... I told my workers to saw off a bar and free Simon.

But then, how the hell did Simon d Stud, got into that situation?? He was feasting his eyes on the cows in the next paddock and thought that he is small enough to go within the bars... Poor Simon, he must have tried it during the night, because my workers found him in that situation when they came in the morning to feed the cattle.

So, while waiting for the workers to saw off the bar, Simon had to be 'spoon fed' because he could not reach the hay in the bucket below. Hahaahaaa.... Serves him right for being so 'gatal'. Well, he was the 2nd winner in the stud category at last year's MAHA in Negeri Sembilan.

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