Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Perth, here I come...

(Kak Long and me in Perth during winter 2008)

I will be leaving for Perth with my second daughter, Siti Ayeshah. Our flight is on Thursday night (July 22). We will be travelling on Air Asia. The journey to Perth is about five hours. Siti Ayeshah aka kak ngah, will be studying at a university in Perth. This will be her final semester.

I have already packed my bag today. I will also be bringing a sleeping bag (coz I will be squatting with kak ngah in her new house) and also my good old running shoes (Adidas glide). Norehan (my adik angkat) and Datin Yurniaty will be following me too. This will be their first trip to Perth. As for me, it will be my second, because my first trip was when I accompanied Kak Long (my eldest daughter) to the same university in 2008. She has since graduated and is now looking for a job.

Its winter in Perth now, minus the snow. I warned Kak ngah to be prepared for the 'extreme' cold... But then,

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