Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last day in Perth

(Top pic: with Ayeshah inside the submarine at Maritime museum
Mid pic: with Ayeshah at Murray street
Bot pic: in the uni library... shhhh...)

I am now in the uni library with Ayeshah. I need to update my blog. Actually, sitting here in the library really really makes me sleepy.... yawwnnnnn.... Anyway, I have to go to the airport at 2pm today. Hadaya (Datin Aida's daughter) already booked a taxi for us. Ayeshah wanted to follow us to the airport to see me off. I would prefer if we said our goodbyes at the house. I would get emotional if she followed.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here, even for only a week. I went to Freemantle (Freo), the City, Hilary, Morley, Ellenbrook, the Vines... The Public transport here is so efficient. The buses are on time, and in the city, there are the red cat, the blue cat and the yellow cat buses which we can ride for free.

I did a little shopping at Harbour town, Woolworths, Coles, Target, and around Murray street. I bought a lot of cadbury chocolates and Allen mints which I cannot get in my hometown. I even bought a Fossil sling bag for myself.... Hmmmmm.. My netbook could fit into the bag... Hoorayyy!!

Well, I hope this will not be my last trip to Perth. I hope to return for Ayeshah's graduation in February next year. To Ayeshah, I may be away from you, but you are always in my heart. I love you very much. Please take good care of yourself. Observe your daily prayers, drink a lot of water, study hard to get your degree... We can always meet on FB.

See ya, no worries, Im gooood.....

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