Friday, June 11, 2010

Putrajaya Skatepark

Last Tuesday June 8, I took Sofiyah and Wahiduzzaman and his friend Aris, to the Putrajaya Skatepark. To reach the park, the venue is in Taman Cabaran, we had to drive through the Putrajaya avenue from the Putrajaya mosque right up to the Putrajaya International Convention Centre. From the traffic lights, turn left and follow the signage.

Along the way, just before reaching the skatepark, we had to pass through the Muslim cemetery. Then there was the Wall climbing venue which was next to the skatepark. I have yet to venture into this wall climbing sport. Must find time to do it, InshaAllah.

Entrance to the Skatepark is FOC. There were quite a number of skaters when we reached there. Wahid and Aris wasted no time in joining the skaters and do their stuff. As for Sofiyah, she put on her rollerblades and rolled around the skate park away from the seasoned skaters. As for me, I practiced my tai chi 37 steps, and tai chi kung fu san.

Then, Sofiyah and I took to the hill overlooking the skatepark. We jogged up the hill right up to its peak. The view was magnificent!! There was the skatepark and Putrajaya in the background. Actually it was a bit frightening jogging up the hill, because, there was only the two of us. The place was deserted. There were bicycle tracks into the jungle, must be for the 'Xtreme' mountain bikers. I had no wish to stay longer at the peak, and jogged down quickly back to the skatepark.

Since, it was time for Asar prayers, Sofiyah and I went to look for a surau and found it on the 1st level. The ablution area was filled with river stones, some thing unique. And the praying area had aircon installed. Then I called Wahid and Aris to do their prayers too. We then returned home. But then...

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