Saturday, May 15, 2010

Massage o massage

Regarding the massage done by Daeng Kuning on Friday morning (14th May), I felt so goooooodd after the body massage. Daeng Kuning is 46 years old, but she looks 35. Very slim and well groomed too. Imagine she has eight children of which two are already married.

Anyway, when Kuning (she prefers to be called) arrived sharp at 9 am, I was already wearing my husband's sarong (coz I did not bring mine). Luckily she did not ask me to remove my panties. I hate it when a masseuse wants me not to wear my panties. Why remove??? Surely she's not going to massage between my legs what?? Anyway, I got to wear my panties when Kuning massaged my body.

Kuning told me to lie on my stomach. She began massaging my right leg, followed by my left leg. Then, the whole of my back and my buttocks. Then my left arm and right arm. When I lie on my back, she massaged my tummy and told me that my womb is in the correct position, has not lowered at all!! The massage took an hour. My second massage will be next Friday, God willing.

So, this morning I telephoned Kuning and made an appointment for my 2nd massage. I told her to come at 8am. So that I can have my breakfast by 9.30am. But then...

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