Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breakfast of Nasi Ulam at Bangi

This morning I had breakfast with my girlfriend, at a new restaurant in Bangi. She was late. So while waiting for her, I did 'people watching'. I was leaning against this pillar at the next shop. There was this two police officers having their breakfast. They too were watching me. So, I divert my attention to a couple who was coming out of their car. Must be newly married, coz they were holding hands..... Yeah yeah.... older couples do not hold hands when walking into a restaurant. So malu....

When my girlfriend finally arrived, we took a table and ordered our breakfast. We had nasi kerabu (the blue rice) plus all the condiments. Oklah, not as sedap as the Restaurant in Section 7. Anyway, while having our coffee (me tongkat ali, she kopi jantan), we started to chat.

After an hour of chatting, we left the restaurant. She went to her studio in Section 4, whilst I went to my Tajwid class at Kajang mosque. I was 10 mins late!! Ustaz postponed the monthly test to tomorrow since most of the students pleaded for more time to revise. Me included!! Heheee. But then..... I might not be coming to class tomorrow... I am accompanying darling hubby to Tanjong Malim... Hey!! I have already told ustaz about it.

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