Friday, April 23, 2010

My handsome pen-pal (Part 6)

The next morning, when I had tea-break at the office, my colleague queried me about my date with my husband. Of course lah I told them how handsome he was, etc etc etc… Then, when I returned to my office, I received a call from my husband. Since the phone was on my Mr Sethu’s desk, I excused myself and use the phone in the room meant for the Chief Engineer. He was outstation at that time. Heheeehe

Anyway, I chatted with my husband and I felt ‘something’ when he said he missed me already!! Wahhh!! Hardly a day passed by and he missed me already??? What was that ‘something’ feeling??? Oh well, whatever it was, it make me feel goooodddd!!

I was smiling to myself when I entered my office again. Mr Sethu was looking awkwardly at me. Well, for me to know for you to find out, Mr Sethu dear!! Hahahaaa

During lunch break, I told my colleague about the phone call, they said no wonder my face was glowing…. ‘Glowing’?? What glowing??? But then… (View my next post pls)

1 comment:

sayanakamaruzamanorliza said...

abh telefon umi ?? cana abh leh tahu no ofis umi ??

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