Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My handsome pen-pal (part 2)

I was working as a Confidential Stenographer in the office of the Production Controller (Rubber) ,Kumpul;an Guthrie Sendirian Berhad. My boss was Mr D J Barry (Dermott James Barry) and the Chief Clerk (CC) was Mr Sethumadhavan aka Mr Sethu. There was only the three of us.

Every morning I took the bus to Seremban town and walked to Paul Street. I would wait for the pick-up truck with two other employees, Stella and Catherine. Stella and Catherine would sit infront with the driver, either Muthu or Maniam. I would sit at the back of the pick-up. But then, I was not alone, along the way, Mr Chong would join us. He would sit with me at the back. Most of the time, Mr Chong would doze off when we have nothing to talk about.

Mr Chong was the Accounts Clerk, Stella was the Confidential Stenographer to Mr Pritchard (the Manager of GRPSB, Siliau (Guthrie Rubber Processing Sendirian Berhad, Siliau) whilst Catherine was the General Clerk. There was Mr Ravi (the CC), Nasiah (the telephonist), Lamin (the office-boy).

Then, I received a letter from my husband. He wanted to meet me for the first time. I was so excited. We finally met on March 28 1976. I will forever remember that day....(view my next post)

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