Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hajj Registration at Andalusia

Sofiyah accompanied hubby and me to Andalusia Travel at Desa Pandan to register our Hajj pilgrimage. In shaa Allah they have fixed our flight on August 9 to Medina. Our return flight from Jeddah will be on September 13, In shaa Allah.

Since we were hungry we went to Ampark Park Mall, hubby's favourite mall and had our late lunch at Manhattan Fish Mart.

Sofiyah and I then had our solat Asar at the mall's surau.  We then joined hubby and his bff Raja Mohammad at Old Town White Coffee near the mall's entrance.

Since it was almost Maghrib, we all had our solat at the Surau again. Then Wahiduzzaman, who finished work at the hospital nearby, joined us for dinner, again at Manhattan Fish Mart. Hahaha.....but only Wahid ate. The rest of us had our drinks only.

Wahid then drove Sofiyah home whilst hubby and I circled the area near Hamshire condominiums where hubby was feeling nostalgic since the area was where he once managed the bungalows belonging to his previous employer many years ago.

Suddenly.....hey, there are food trucks adjacent to Corus Hotel. Yum yum.... perhaps next trip down memory lane...😃😃😃😃😃

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