Friday, November 11, 2016

Wedding - Mohd Farizal and Rohani

Alhamdullillah my nephew Mohd Farizal Bin Zulkifly got married after solat Asar at Masjid Maimun Kg Jana Baru Kamunting. Hubby and I drove all the way from Slim River. It was raining heavily when we began our journey but Alhamdullillah we arrived safely.  

There were another two couples at the Masjid whose marriage will be solemnised too. Farizal and his bride, Rohani were the first couple to be married by the Imam of Masjid Maimun.

Congratulations to my brother Zulkifly...dah dapat menantu.  

To my nephew Farizal and wife Rohani, may your marriage be full of happiness, with Allah's blessing and lasts till Jannah. Amiinn.

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