Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bus Ride Home

Mercs still at the workshop so dear hubby drove me to Tung Shin Hospital for my acupuncture treatment. Hubby dropped me at the entrance and I had to walk up the hill towards the Chinese Medicine building. No problem for me because I was wearing my running shoes. 

When I enquired from Dr Cheow re the brown spot below my left eye, she said skin pigmentation. She said No problem she can get rid of it....and she did. Wahhh...like this I want her to do the other pigmentation too. 😁😁😁

After acupuncture, I left Tung Shin hospital and walked to Pudu Central.  The terminal was surprisingly clean and air cond too.  A far cry when it was known as Puduraya in the 80s and I was commuting Seremban/Kuala Lumpur five days a week for almost two years when I was working with MTC and then MMC.

When I could not find the platform for the bus to Kajang I asked the lady security guard and she pointed to where the buses are located.  She even gave me the bus number. Thank you lady guard.

Then I walked across the road to where I saw buses parked near McD.  So this is bus depot is known as KL Hub. I then boarded Rapid Bus No.540 to Kajang.

My last bus ride was in Perth when I was there with Kak Ngah for her convocation ceremony.  

The route to Kajang was via Jalan Cheras.  I reached Kajang about forty minutes later and walked home from KPMC. Alhamdullillah.

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