Monday, September 12, 2016

Bell's Palsy

Yesterday I only had my breakfast at 11am because I was busy preparing the ingredients to cook beef rendang. 

Then as I was having fried rice, I noticed my lips was swollen as though just after having a tooth extraction. I just ignore it because I thought an ant had bitten my lips when I slept last night.  

Hubby was so busy at our farm handling deliveries of cattle and sheep to our customers for Qurban on Monday that I did not inform him yet.

But then, when I had my ablution for solat Zohor and was putting on my Telekung (prayer gear) I looked in the mirror and noticed my right eye had droop and my lips swollen. I felt scared and confused. What was happening to me?

After solat Zohor I watsapp hubby and told him if he was free to come and see me at Rumah Liza. Hubby came up a short while later. Then I showed him my face.  Hubby was shocked too and urged me to go to KPJ Kajang Emergency Clinic.  

At first I refused because I still need to cook chicken rendang for Eid Adha.  Hubby insisted that I go quickly and that Sofiyah will accompany me whilst Khairulzaman drove us to KPJ Kajang.

Khairulzaman left us at KPJ Kajang and returned to our abode to wait for us there.  I registered at the Emergency counter and I was given priority because of my condition. Thus I need not wait long.

I was sent to the Yellow Zone at Emergency after being examined for BP and heart rate at Triage. 

At the yellow zone, the staff nurse did an ECG and also fix the 'thing'on my left hand. Just in case they want to use the 'drip'.

When the medical officer came to examine me, he wanted me to have a CT scan of my brain.  Then when I informed him that I had a CT scan at Pantai Hospital when the doctor there wanted to confirm whether I have kidney stone.  That was on Friday August 19 about three weeks ago. 

The medical officer then said it was up to me to decide re the CT scan of my brain. I thought for a minute and agreed to do the CT scan.

When the result came, there was no bleeding on my brain. Everything was normal. Alhamdullillah.

Since the MO has yet to see me again, rather than waiting for him at the Yellow Zone, I went to the Musollah to solat Asar first. The staff nurse wanted me to use the wheelchair but I refused.  I walked to the Musollah with Sofiyah. Alhamdullillah.

When I returned to the Yellow Zone, the medical officer came and informed me that I had Bell's Palsy. 

What is Bell's Palsy? The MO explained and after he left, I googled and got this link.

He then fixed me an appointment with a Neuro Physician on Tuesday morning. She is Dr Souzyanti.

The staff nurse than removed the 'thing' from my left hand and I was free to go home.  But I have to collect the medicines at the Pharmacy.  That was when hubby called Sofiyah and wanted to speak to me.

When I gave him my Assallammualaikum.  Hubby replied Waalaikumsalam. Then he asked how was I. I told him I was ok and suddenly he burst out crying over the phone.  He was sobbing and apologising to me.  My tears flowed too.  I told hubby no need to come to the hospital because Khairul would fetch me and we would drive to Pedas. 

But hubby insisted that I wait him at the hospital since he was already driving via LEKAS to Kajang.  

So Sofiyah and I waited for him at the lobby.  When he arrived, hubby looked so exhausted. My heart goes out to him. I love you my laling.❤❤❤

Then from KPJ Kajang we picked up Khairul at home and he drove us all to Pedas.  Hubby was fasting today 9th Zulhijjah and he broke fast in our suv.  We then had our solat Maghrib at the R & R Beranang Musollah.

When we arrived in Pedas, kak Ngah and her hubby were waiting for us.  So was our son Badruzzaman. They were all shocked with the news that I am having Bell's Palsy.

This is Allah's will.  He is testing me again. Allah loves me, He remembers me. It is time that I remember Him more. Please forgive me Allah for all my past sins. Amiinn. 😢😢😢

(Sofiyah looking worried...)

(The nurse forgot to remove these from my chest when she did the ECG. Found all of it when I was about to take my bath at Rumah Liza)

(Manage to cook the chicken rendang before I slept. Alhamdullillah I can still use all my limbs.)

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