Friday, September 23, 2016

Bell's Palsy - Day Thirteen

This morning I went for physiotherapy at KPJ Kajang, second time this week. This time Hidayah attended to me.  Both Hidayah and Nurul Ain really took care of me when I go for physiotherapy.  Hubby did not accompany me because he had to leave early for work. So I drove to the hospital alone. No problem with that.

Actually I do not need to go for physiotherapy at the clinic since I could do same at home.  But hubby insisted that I go since Ain and Hidayah can monitor my progress.

Alhamdullillah after physio, Hidayah and Ain noticed the visible signs of improvement on my  forehead above the left eyebrow.

Recovery progress is indeed slow, but In shaa Allah, if I maintain and continue physiotherapy every day, and also pray for Allah's Blessing, I could regain my good health soonest. Amiinn.

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