Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ramadan Day Nine

Today is Wahid's 22nd Birthday. So when he woke up for Sahoor this morning I wished him Happy Birthday and gave him a big hug. So did Sofiyah. There were only three of us.  Hubby was at Slim River.  He should be back in time for Iftar today, In shaa Allah.

After sending Sofiyah to school and did the laundry I took a short nap. But then it became a long nap when I suddenly awoke and it was almost ten o'clock.  So I rushed to BTHO for Tadarrus.  Alhamdullillah managed to read three pages of the Noble Quran beginning Juzuk Fourteen.

I steamed the frozen paus which kak ngah gave for our Iftar.  Hope its tasty.

Hubby arrived home in time for Iftar. Alhamdullillah. Then as usual for solat Teraweeh we went to Masjid Uniten.  This time hubby took a picture of Sofiyah and me wearing our Telekung Made in Bali. 😆😆😆

When we reached home I informed hubby we will celebrate Wahid's birthday together with my birthday two weeks from now, In shaa Allah.

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