Monday, April 11, 2016

Tafsir Class with Ustaz Sheikh Zoubir

After sending hubby to KPJ for his physiotherapy session I drove home to fetch kak Zahridah.  But then when I saw neighbours Hjh Rafisah, Hjh Noorazmi and Kak Maznah chatting beneath the cashew nut tree, I joined them briefly. 

They were talking about kak Maznah's unfortunate accident when she fell into the drain and injured her legs and then slipped and fell in her abode and injured her shoulder.  So she too had to go for physio at KK Kajang.  I pray she get well soon. Amiinn.

Then when I saw Kak Zahridah coming to join us, I waited for her to chat briefly with the ladies before we excused ourselves since we have to attend Tafsir class at 10am.

Alhamdullillah we reached Puan Salmah's abode and were greeted warmly when she opened the door.  I brought epok-epok which I fried this morning to add to the pot-luck served after class.

My sister-in-law Kak Tina also join this class, Alhamdullillah. Then when Sheikh Zoubir finally arrived and began his lecture, he received my full attention. Alhamdullillah.

First lesson covered today was Surah Al-Qasas from Verses One to Seven.  I would like to thank Puan Salmah Mohd Yunus Zyllwyn-stewart (our hostess) for allowing me to copy and paste her notes via our watsapp group:

Lessons from today's class - verses 1-7 Surah Al-Qasas :
- the verses are clear guidance for mankind
- leaders who oppressed their people will end up having the oppressed as their leaders
- Allah will show the leaders things they fear most
- verse 7 is clear proof that the Quran comes from Allah because in just one sentence Allah was giving Musa's mother :
   - 2 news ( Allah will bring Musa back to his mother and Allah will make him Messenger)
    - 2 commands ( To breastfeed Musa and to let him go )
    -  2 prohibitions ( Dont be afraid and dont be sad).

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