Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sunday Zumba

Tomorrow's Zumba workout will be with Zin Nor,  In shaa Allah.

I missed Tafsir and Tahsin Classes at UIA today. So sad......

After hubby left for our farm Sofiyah and I went to have our haircut at a Muslimah Hair Salon at Bangi Getway.  The salon is above Teh Tarik Cafe. 

After our haircut we went to Jaya Grocer for our grocery shopping within Bangi Getway.  I was impressed to see most of its vegetables and fruits were utterly fresh.  Parking at Bangi Getway is foc. Thumbs up.

From Bangi Getway we could see Badruzzaman's apartment and Sofiyah called him to have lunch with us.  We then met Bard at Restaurant Rahsia which serves Johorean dishes.  Thumbs up again.  Sofiyah ordered plain rice with vege tomyam and omelette. I had kacang pool. Yum yum. Bard already had his lunch with Maisara.

Then we went to Bard's apartment where he served us chilled fresh juices and sliced qpples. Maisara was having her nap since she still has her morning sickness. Poor Sara.

We left for home after finishing our drinks.  Thank you Badruzzaman.

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