Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sofiyah's Classmates

When I reached home after class at Masjid WP, Sofiyah gave me a surprise.  She cooked fried mee hoon all by herself.  She also cooked fried Ayamas.  The occasion?  Raya open house for her classmates. 

When they arrived I was amused to find only her male classmates came.  Where were the girls? Oh.....they will come another day ummi.

So since Khairul were home he entertained Sofiyah's classmates too.  Then before they left I helped to take a few photos and gave each of them duit raya.

They all had motorbikes and I adviced them to ride safely to their next Raya Open House.  They were all well mannered and sweet too. Heheeehe....

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