Monday, June 8, 2015

Umrah 2015 - Reschedule, In shaa Allah

This morning hubby went walking alone at the MPKJ park.  I could not accompany him because I had to do the laundry and house chores.

When hubby returned he requested fried egg and bread for his breakfast. He also ate cereals with milk.  Wah.......western breakfast.

Then I cooked lunch. Gulai lemak cili api ayam kampung with kentang.  Then I remembered I have ikan pekasam in the fridge which my Kota Tinggi besan gave.  So I fried the ikan pekasam too.

Whilst I was cooking lunch, dear hubby was snoring in the living room....heheehe....  Even the aroma from the fried ikan pekasam did not wake him up.

Wahid then drove hubby and I (Sofiyah too) to Tabung Haji Travels to meet Tuan Haji Nasrol to submit our appeal letter re our cancelled umrah trip.

Alhamdullillah, TH Travels will reimburse fifty percent of what we paid earlier for our umrah trip.   When Tn Hj Nasrol said they will issue a cheque for us next week, we told him not necessary.  We preferred the money be use for our forthcoming umrah trip.  Tn Hj Nasrol suggested it be in early December.  We promise we will top up whatever balance we have to pay for the umrah journey In shaa Allah.

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