Saturday, April 5, 2014

Visiting farmhands'families at Praya

When we arrived in Lombok, we were welcomed by Baha, our farmhand who was on a month's leave, together with the mothers of Rizal and Saran.  Shidee's mother could not come because she has to work the padi fields at their village.  All of them are widows.

Baha introduced us to Hj Abdul Ajis, the taxi driver, who became our chauffeur and guide during our trip to Lombok.  Hj Abdul Ajis then drove us to Kg Selubong, a village in Praya Lombok Tengah.  The journey took about an hour.

We were welcomed into their humble homes.  They served us with whatever they have. We were so touched .  They are so humble.  When they entertained us, we could feel their sincerity and love.  In shaa Allah, we will be back again. 

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