Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mee Siput from Johor

Yesterday afternoon, when I returned from Seremban, I found a package couriered from Johor.  It was from one of my FB friends, Seri Kandi Tanah Jauhar.  Seri Kandi Tanah Jauhar (aka Yusa) sent the Mee Siput, because, according to her, this is one of the best Mee Siput found in Johor.

When I first came across this Mee Siput, Ayeshah was the one who brought it from Johor, I did not know how to eat it.  I thought it was like the Maggi noodles.  Boil it and then add the chilli paste.  Boy, was I wrong..... Ayeshah told me just pour the chili over the crunchy crackers.

Then, when I posted a picture of the Mee Siput on FB for the attention of my Johorian friends, Seri Kandi Tanah Jauhar responded and taught me how to eat it too.  Then she said she will couriered the best Mee Siput from Johor.  Indeed it was very delicious...  Thank you Seri Kandi Tanah Jauhar (her blog Alam Sari).

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