Monday, September 20, 2010

Broga Hill Sunday 19/9/10

(me with 2 new friends atop Broga..)

It was raining very heavily the whole of Saturday night. Then, when I got up at 5am on Sunday morning, it was still drizzling... but I got myself ready anyway. I called up sifu at 6am and he told me he was already aboard the bus with the other tai chi members otw to Broga. So.... I bid farewell to darling hubby and drove via LEKAS highway to Semenyih.

Since I did not know where Broga hill was, I waited for sifu near Nottingham Uni, and when the bus whizzed by, I trailed from behind. The distance from Kajang to Broga is not very far, about 10 mins drive only.

Anyway, I parked my car at a parking lot amidst the palm oil trees. Parking fee: RM2 unlimited. Ok lah... cheap. But then, still got people park their cars along the road... So teruk lah!!

We began climbing at 7.10am. Actually from the car park to the bottom of the hill is about 5 mins walk, uphill between rows of palm oil trees. There was even an outhouse (jamban) just before the starting point. The only toilet in the area!! Long queue some more.... ish ish ish.....

The trail was quite easy, but because it was slippery, one needs to be extra careful.. Luckily sifu told me to bring along an umbrella to use as a walking cane (tongkat). Good advice sifu.

The hill was only 400m high, but the trail 1.75km, I think. Anyway, I did not climb right to the top (its peak), because, it was too steep and also slippery... I managed to climb as high as the first large rock, and took pictures of the scenery from there. I have posted the pictures in my FB photo album under Broga Hill. Even when taking pictures, got to be careful, because, the platform was also slippery and not much room to pose for pictures....

I really need to invest a good climbing shoes and also a cane if I intend to include climbing/hiking mountain/hill as a hobby. Would love to climb Broga every week, but need to have friends with me for the climb. Anyone interested??

Anyway, descending the hill was a lot easier than ascending..... If it was not so slippery, I could run down all the way....but then, got to be extra careful this time... I dont want to get hurt in anyway whatsoever.... though I did slip and fell on my bump, once!! Ouch!! But then, there were willing hands to pull me up!! Total strangers who became new friends.... Got FB ah?? Come I add you.... hehehee

By 8.30am I was already at the bottom of the hill waiting for sifu and the others.. Ascending took me 45mins. Descending 30mins. By 9.30am I was already safe at home. Had my breakfast of fried mee hoon (which I fried before leaving for Broga) and a large mug of hot milo.... followed by a quick shower and a short nap...

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Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

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