Monday, June 7, 2010


Sigh.... my last post was almost 18 days ago..... what have I been doing all this while???? The best excuse would be... BZ, Bz bZ and bz..... Well, actually I was having more fun than being busy....

I foll0wed by husband, as usual to Sungei Besar. Stayed at the floating chalet at Dmuara marine park.... But this time around, we did not get the sea view, instead, the only chalet where free Wifi is available was facing the village. Although no sea view, I could still hear the pounding of the waves as high tide moves in.

Chalet No.3 had a faulty shower head. It was leaking. So I do not get to have a really really 'good' shower..... It took a longer time to 'mandi wajib'. Heheheee..... There were 2 single beds, so hubby and I had to connect the bed to get a 'queen' bed. No problemo... it can do!!

When hubby left for work the next day, I downloaded a few series of Belly Dancing for Beginners from Youtube for my FB profile. The rest of the morning was spent surfing the net and FB, but no updating my blog. Lazy me.....

Anyway, hunger strikes me, coz I did not have any breakfast. So I ate dates which I brought from home. But then, still hungry lor..... Finally hubby returned and brought packed lunch from the Nasi Padang stall. Of course lah, I ate like cra...zy.... Burrppppp!! Alhamdullilah (Praise to Allah).


World Environment Day was celebrated on 5 june 2010, but at Syabas, it was celebrated the following day on June 6.

Sofiyah and I were in the convoy to Rimba Ampang to help clear the rubbish along and in the river there. We were in the coach together with the other participants. We were escorted to the venue by the Polis Bantuan (Auxiliary Police).

I have never been to Rimba Ampang (formerly known as Bukit Belachan). So, I sure was excited. Anyway, the coach had to park at the bottom of the hill. From there, we boarded a mini van to get us to the venue within the park itself. The distance was about 1km from the main gate. No vehicles are allowed into the park itself. Visitors had to park their cars in the designated parking lot before the entrance.

At the top of the hill, there were two tents erected. One large tent for the participants, and a smaller one for members of the media. The VIP have not arrived yet, so we were invited to have our breakfast in the larger tent. Breakfast consists of Fried Rice, Fried Mee Hoon, Tuna sandwiches and fried chicken. There was only cold rose syrup water to drink.

There was this group of teenagers who performed the shuffle while we were having our breakfast. Actually, this was not on the agenda, but since, being teenagers, they were feeling bored already, so the emcee invited them to perform the shuffle. I think, during my school days, the shuffle was known as the funky chicken dance...

When the VIP finally arrived, he gave a short but meaningful speech about celebrating WED. After that, we did aerobics exercise for 20 mins. Then the younger participants were told to gather in the large tent and they were given a talk on WED. Then, all participants were divided into groups of 10 persons for each group. Sofiyah was in Group B, whilst I was in Group G.
There were 8 groups altogether.

Each group were given a kit to measure the condition of the river water. So, my group was divided into two. One group to analyse the river water, and the other to collect all rubbish found along and in the river itself!! I chose to be in the latter. We were given garbage bags and a leaf rake and we have 30 mins to collect rubbish. The team to collect the most rubbish wins (i.e. by the number of garbage bags collected!!).

So... I had to remove my shoes and socks. Then carrying a garbage bag and a leaf rake, I waded into the river. Mind you, it was cold.... Suddenly, I almost lost my balance and the leaf rake fell into the river... It was slowly floating away... Luckily there was this guy who saved the rake and together with me, we cleaned up the river. He would use the rake to sweep up the dead leaves and twigs and I would put it into the garbage bag. We managed to collect 3 garbage full of rubbish!! Sofiyah was busy with her team.

A young boy almost drowned when he walked into the deep end of the river. Perhaps he was being too enthusiastic and did not heed the advice of the organisers not to go alone when collecting rubbish. On the river banks itself, there were empty bottles, empty canned drinks, plastic bags etc etc...

So, after half an hour of collecting rubbish, the rubbish collected could fill up a small lorry!! My team came in 1st in the number of garbage bags full of rubbish. We got a goody bag each. Then came the group photo shoot. I will post it here once I received the photos.

Well, although Sofiyah and I were tired, we had great fun and enjoyed ourselves very much. We hope to do more of this volunteering activities in the future.

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