Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dinner at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur

My husband and I attended a dinner organised by the Datuk2 Kurnia Negeri Sembilan, in conjunction with HRH the Yang Dipertuan's Birthday on Sunday 25th April 2010. Well, actually it was also his highness's eldest son's birthday. His son is sure good looking.

Our table was right in front of the stage, so we had a good view of the veteran artists performing that night. There was Uji Rashid, Hail Amir, R Ramlee and Halil Chik. They are singers from the 60s and 70s.

When Uji Rashid sang the song Sehari Semakin Sayang, it brought memories to my husband and I. That was our song when we were in love.... Hmmmmmm.. Anyway, Halil Chik sang a Tom Jones number, Delilah. That old guy can still sing so well. The live band from DBKL was superb. I felt like dancing when they belted out songs during the disco era.

Anyway, Datin Yun and Datuk Nordin were also there. We took pictures after the dinner. Hope Datin will post it in her FB. I received an sms from Datin today, and she told me Datuk got food poisoning since yesterday. We suspected it might be the first dish that he ate. Anyway, I hope Datuk will recover from the food poisoning.

Oh ya! There was also a fashion show where the Datins were the models. Datin Nora was one of them. Datin Nora is Datuk Amir's wife. Datuk Amir is my husband's friend. He's a businessman, a housing developer. My husband is also a businessman, he's in the livestock business, but then....

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