Wednesday, September 27, 2017

MRT Sg Jerneh to Museum Negara

Sofiyah sent me to Sg Jerneh MRT station for my journey to Tg Malim to meet hubby. But then I disembarked at Museum Negara and walked to KL Central to continue my journey by taking the KTM Commuter train to Tg Malim. Alhamdullillah arrived Tg Malim safely.

When hubby arrived we continued our journey to Sg Besar. Hubby as usual will stop at this pakcik stall to buy buah mata kuching. He bought two kilos. Yummy.....I love eating mata kuching...

As usual we checked into Hotel Kompit for our night's stay. Hubby then went to the Masjid in Sg Besar for solat Maghrib and Eshaq whilst I did mine in our room. Whilst waiting for hubby I ate the mata kuchings. So sweet and delicious.

When hubby returned, he tapau-ed our dinner. Nasi goring kampung and telor dadar. Oh and tom yam seafood also. Alhamdullillah.

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