Saturday, November 12, 2016

PNM 2016

Last year I missed PNM 2015 because I ran the Stanchart 10km the following morning. So this year I decided to run PNM 10km and registered together with hubby (5km) and our son-in-law Aminuddin (10km).

Today is exactly three months since I had Bells Palsy. But Alhamdullillah I have since recovered.  But I still go for acupuncture once a week. 

Kak ngah and Amin fetched me at my abode 6.30m.  It was raining heavily when they arrived.  Amin's sister Yana too came along. But then the 10km run is at 8.40pm. So hopefully the rain will stop by then.

But I felt anxious when as we drove to Putrajaya it was still raining cats and dogs. We parked at the open parking lots near Masjid Tengku Mizan aka Masjid Besi.  We then had our solat Maghrib.  

There was quite a crowd too. Mostly PNM runners performing their solat Maghrib, Alhamdullillah.  

After solat we walked to the venue at Perbadanan Putrajaya. Alhamdullillah it was now drizzling.  We met hubby near the water station and took pictures together. Hubby will only run at 9pm. 

On our way to the starting pen, we saw a runner wearing Star Wars costume.  So we took pictures with him too.  Kak ngah told us later that he ran in the 5km event.

Amin and I ran at 8.40pm. The rain had stopped and as we ran I told Amin not to wait for me but to go ahead and run.  But Amin insisted that we run together. 

The route was quite easy.  The only ascending was the flyover.  There were two. Just before the first flyover Amin stopped at the first water station and since there was quite a crowd there I told Amin I would continue running and he can catch up with me later.

I ran slowly up the flyover and was finding it funny when it was very dark (no street lights) halfway up and then down the flyover. Gives me the creeps too.  Suddenly thinking of pontianak too. What if the runner infront of me turn around and got sharp fangs with hair covering half her face....😲😲😲

I was relived when there was street lights again and before reaching the second flyover I saw more Star Wars soldier, Ultraman, and the cute Pickachu too.  A few runners took pictures with these costumed volunteers.

Then at the second water station when the volunteers called out that 100 Plus drinks were available  I grab one too.  Hehee......I was thirsty and also needed a booster.  

I was running slowly another two kilometre to Finish when I heard Amin called me.  I thought he was way infront of me or perhaps reached Finish.  I was indeed surprise to find him behind me.  

He said he was looking for me and when he could not locate me he turned around and ran back to where he last saw me. Poor Amin.

So we ran to Finish together.  Amin said our time is better than the Stanchart time.  Syukur. 

Kak Ngah and Yana were waiting for us at the Finish line.  They informed us hubby too have completed his 5km run. Alhamdullillah.

After resting and taking pictures we drove to Ayza Kajang and had Milo Tarik. 

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