Sunday, August 7, 2016

SCKLM 2016 and 34th Wedding Anniversary

I ran 10km at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon with my son-in-law Aminuddin on my 34th wedding anniversary. 😆

Alhamdullillah we Finished the race gloriously.....hehehe...

When we were running I kept telling Aminn to run ahead and that I would catch up but he refused and kept pace with me.  Poor Aminn I slowed him down.

As for me after missing SCKLM last year due to the haze....I felt confident of Finishing the 10KM Speed category.  I had to run in this category because the 10KM Cruise and Leisure were all taken up. 

The route were similar to the one I ran in 2014 six months after my knee surgery. Of course again it was a challenge for me running up Padang Merbok. Aminn had to jog in place while waiting for me to keep up with him. Hehehe.... I hope he did not have any regret running with me.  Hey....where can you find mother-in-law running with son-in-law? Extremely rare right? Hehee....

When we ran through the tunnel towards Dataran Merdeka I saw kak ngah standing at the kerb about 100metres to the Finish line. I waved to her signalling her to take our pictures. Aminn held my hand up high showing victory whilst kak ngah took our pictures. Alhamdullillah we both Finished the race and received our Finisher medalsl too.

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