Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ramadan Day Fourteen

Hubby bought fifty pieces of these white coloured chair at IKEA and donated it to five Masjids and Suraus around Pedas and Rembau areas. So these Pak Hajis can seat comfortably whilst reciting the Noble Quran. Alhamdullillah.

For Iftar all my children were around except Wahid (Ipoh) Khairul (Mahsa) and Kak Long (Damansara).

Hubby was in Sg Besar so he bought three packets of nasi ambeng there. Yummy!

Bro Burn gave us Avocado when he came yesterday afternoon to deliver Tempoyak.  So I included it when I made Vege Salad for Iftar.  I tapaued some for Maisara when they left home after Iftar.

We had solat Teraweeh at Uniten. Then we had supper at Saloma Cafe in Bangi which is close to Badruzzaman's abode. 

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