Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our First Great great Grand Niece

Last night hubby, Khairul, Sofiyah and I  visited our Grand Nephew Hisham at An Nur Medical Centre BBB after our solat Eshaq. Hisham was expecting his first child.

When we reached An Nur, we went to the Labour Ward where Hisham was anxiously waiting for his wife Nor Azuana to deliver their first born.  We gave words of encouragement to Hisham and prayed a normal and safe delivery for his wife.

We then went to Old Timer's Kopitiam for supper.  We later tapau toasted kaya bread and teh tarik for Hisham. I gave it to Hisham at the Labour Ward before returning home.

It was almost midnight when we reached home.  Then at approximately 12.45am this morning I received a watsapp from Hisham informing me that Azuana had delivered.  They now have a daughter and hubby and I have our first Great-great Grand Niece. Alhamdullillah.

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