Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hotel Grand Court Inn, Sungei Besar

After we left Tanjong Malim, hubby and I travelled to Sungei Besar.  It was late evening when we passed Sungei Panjang and I took above photos of the vast padi fields along the way to Sungei Besar.

We checked into Hotel Grand Court Inn.  Perhaps the owners should either omit the Hotel or Inn.  It should either read Hotel Grand Court or Grand Court Inn. Hotel and Inn have similar meanings.

Anyway we had our dinner at one of the many restaurants available near the hotel.  The satay kambing which I ate was very delicious.  I wanted to order ten pieces but the chef said his satay kambing is very chunky. So I ordered five pieces.  I say man....forgot to take photo lah.

The hotel room we stayed has a king size bed, flat screen tv, hot cold shower, toiletries which include toothbrush and toothpaste too. A mini wardrobe with wooden hangers, a small writing table,  a hot/cold flask and two cups and saucers with teaspoons. There is no electric kettle nor mini fridge. But, just outside our room is a water station with hot, cold and warm water available 24/7.  An iron and ironing board available at one end of the corridor.

The grocery store beside the hotel is a bonus especially when I suddenly crave for Magnum Gold. Heheehe.....  

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