Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Zumba @Sg Sekamat

This morning after I cooked breakfast of fried mee hoon, I attended Zumba class with Nomi again.  We left quite late because I had to hang out the laundry.  When we reached the Community hall, it was already packed with other Zumba ladies.  Our coach this morning was Herni.

When it was cool down period, we sat on the floor and did stretching.  Boy oh boy oh was tough for me.  But I did it! Alhamdullillah.  Looking forward next Zumba class Wednesday In shaa Allah.

By the way, I did wear my new skirt pants and it was sooooooo comfortable.  I wore the green skirt pants with my green tee shirt since the theme for today was Green....

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