Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ramadan - Day Twenty One

Wahid helped to send Sofiyah to school this morning since hubby was in Tanjong Malim. So after seeing Sofiyah off I went back to bed for a short snooze.....

Short snooze indeed.....when I woke up it was almost ten o'clock.... Thus, I missed Tadarrus once again.  But then I made ablution and managed to read the noble Quran until Juzuk twenty one.  Alhamdullillah.

Then I drove to Yommie Bakery to buy some raya cookies which my friend Hjh Maznah recommended.  I bought two sets of raya cookies, one set for Mak and one set for me.  I was about to pay at the cashier counter when my mobile rang......the ring tone is Fantasia Bulan Madu by Amy of Search.... 😆😆😆 So I knew it was hubby calling...😚😚😚

Since the cashier was waiting for my dough and there was quite a queue behind me I managed to answer hubby that I would call him back.

When I got to the car I called hubby.  He gave me the shocking news that our niece Nordinar Yusuf aka Mehram was in ICU at KPJ Shah Alam.  She was admitted the night before.  The doctor who attended her informed her daughter Alin to inform all her siblings and closed relatives since Mehram's condition was critical.

So since hubby was still in Tanjong Malim, Khairulzaman drove me to the hospital.  When we reached ICU on the first floor all of Mehram's children were already there.  Mehram had suffered a stroke.  She has no feeling on her left side. 

When I approached her cot and called out her name softly, she squeezed my hand and held it.  I then made doa for her.  May Allah forgive her sins and grant her good health and speedy recovery from her illness. Amiinn.

Then hubby arrived.  He too made doa for Mehram.  Since it was almost two o'clock and visiting time over hubby and I left the hospital.  Khairul had to drive alone home since I was following hubby

We went to Madjid Seri Petaling since hubby wanted to buy a mobile mosquito netting.  He wanted to use it when he qiam at Masjid Kajang tonight.  He really cannot tahan the mosquitoes biting him. It reminded him of dengue fever.

Then when we reached home hubby tried the mosquito was so funny when he was inside it.....hehehe.....

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