Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ramadan - Day Ten

Yesterday via our Tadarrus whatsapp group Imam Fazry proposed that we have Tadarrus this morning at Masjid Kajang.  Only Cikgu Nyonya aka Kak Biah and I were available.  The rest of the ladies could not make it.

I arrived at the Masjid sharp at eight.  Imam was nowhere to be seen. So I whatsapp him and he told me he went to have his ablution.  Since our classroom was occupied we had our Tadarrus beside the prayer hall.

Kak Biah then arrived and we began reading the Noble Quran.  Tuan Haji Azmi also joined us.  The four of us managed to complete two juzuks.  Alhamdullillah.

When I reached home after Tadarrus hubby was not around.  He left for KL doing his errands. So.....I took the opportunity to....😪😪😪😆😆😆

When I woke up just before Zuhur there was a message from hubby that he was at Masjid Putrajaya.

When we had our iftar there was only hubby, Khairul, Wahid, Sofiyah and I.  After iftar there was a surprise for me....

I was about to wash the dishes when hubby called from the living room.  The lights were off and then suddenly our children appeared with the birthday cake for me..... they wanted to celebrate my birthday a day earlier.

When hubby gave me my birthday present....I was tearfully thankful.....😢😢😢

Tqvm dear hubby and our children....

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