Friday, June 26, 2015

Ramadan - Day Nine

Wahid sent Sofiyah to school this morning.  Then I reminded Wahid to wake me up, if I he found me sleeping so soundly, before 9am. We have to drive to Seremban to visit Mehram at KPJ Seremban.

We left home at 9.00am. Wahid drove Badruzzaman's car to Mitsubishi for servicing at Balakong.  I followed close behind.  After leaving Bard's car, Wahid then drove Mercs to Seremban via LEKAS. 

Traffic was smooth and we exited after the Setul Toll plaza.  We then went to Mr Yap's workshop to enquire whether the right side view mirror and headlamps were available for installation on Mercs. 

Alhamdullillah the spare parts have arrived.  Mr Yap said Ah Boy would do the installation which would take about two hours. 

So Wahid and I waited at the customers'lounge where there were comfortable couch and easy chairs which Wahid immediately lie down and 😴😴😴 There was also free wifi. 

While waiting I read the noble Quran.  After finishing a juzuk I went to watch Ah Boy installing the new headlamps. 

Mr Yap's workshop is very clean and well organised.  His customers are mostly Mercs owners.  Even Ah Boy drives an SLK....

We left the workshop at 12.30pm after paying the bill and drove to KPJ Seremban.  We arrived fifteen minutes later and went straight to ICU on the second floor.  ICU visiting hours was from noon to 2pm.

Mehram was surprised to see us.  Alhamdullillah she looked well.  She was awake and very alert.  In fact she just had lunch. Mehram we pray you have a speedy recovery. Amiinn.
We spent about ten minutes with Mehram.  When visiting a sick person make the visit short especially in the ICU. 

Wahid then use the GPS to locate the nearest Masjid for solat Jumaat.  The nearest was at Bukit Chedang about five minites drive.  Alhamdullillah we arrived just before the Azan.  I waited for Wahid in the car.

We then returned to Kajang via LEKAS.  I fell asleep from Mantin onwards and only woke up when we reached Mitsubishi to pick up Bard's car.  I then drove Mercs home.

Alhamdullillah reached home safely at 3.15pm. Did solat zuhur and down to the kitchen to prepare Iftar.

Hubby reached home in time for iftar.  We did our solat Teraweeh at Masjid Uniten. Alhamdullillah.

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