Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dengue Fever...

When hubby came home from our farm last Sunday, he did not look well. Yet we all had dinner at DJabris Ikan bakar in Bangi. Our grandson joined us too. Everyone except Wahiduzzaman (Ipoh) and Aminuddin (Lombok) were with us.

Usually hubby would play with dear grandson but this time he went to bed early.

The next morning he felt unwell and I took him to Klinik Dr Karim.  Dr Siti Aireena attended to him.  Hubby had fever and was given one day MC.

He slept the whole afternoon getting up only to solat. I cooked plain porridge for him and fed him...alas he only ate two spoonfuls.

So yesterday evening Kak Ngah took hubby to KPJ Kajang since hubby felt his whole body aching.  I was at Giant buying groceries unaware that Kak ngah sent hubby to the hospital.

When I reached home Badruzzaman told me hubby was otw to KPJ Kajang.  So after solat maghrib I drove to the hospital. Sofiyah was with hubby in the Emergency clinic.  Hubby was on the wheelchair with a drip bottle hanging from the "pole".

He was then taken to his room on the fourth floor. Room S456.  The blood test result confirmed hubby got the dengue fever. Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiuun.

I was a victim too in 2010.  So I know what its like to suffer from dengue fever.  It will take months to recover fully especially at our age.  Alhamdullilah I survived.

O Allah...please cure my hubby from this dengue fever and grant him his good health again. Aamiinn.

Kak ngah and her husband Aminuddin sent Sofiyah home whilst I stayed with hubby at the hospital.

(Hubby sleeping)

(The readymade papaya leaves juice)

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