Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Poster bed @lizloteng

Yesterday I drove to Seremban after having breakfast with hubby at our favourite nasi kerabu restaurant. 

I called abah as soon as I reached LEKAS highway for him to get ready.  As usual, when I reached abah's abode, he was still not ready.

So while abah readied himself I dressed mak and transferred her from the bed to wheelchair to my car.  Thankfully mak was flexible enough when I lifted her.

I also replaced the old air mattress with the new one that I bought on Monday.

I then drove to the bank and abah got down to settle his pension.  Mak and I waited in the car.  After some time Mak was getting restless so I went to look for abah in the bank.  He was nowhere to be seen.  So I went to his favourite Sinseh shop and sure enough he was there.

On our way home I stopped at McD Forrest heights and bought two cheeseburgers and two sets of fried chicken and fries for mak and abah.

When we reached home, again I had to transfer mak from the car to wheelchair to bed.  Alhamdulillah the new air mattress worked well.

I then mopped the whole house after making sure that mak and abah had their McD lunch.

I then drove to Rumah Liza homestay and seek Baha's assistance to remove the pillowcases and bedsheets.  All these I will wash and iron myself.

Then in the evening I went to our loft Lizloteng to put on the pillow and bed sheet for our new four poster bed.  The old queen size bed was sent to our house in Kajang for kak ngahs wedding bed.  Hehehe.....

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