Friday, April 23, 2010

My handsome pen-pal (part 5)

AT 8th mile we managed to catch the last bus to Port Dickson town. From there, we took a taxi to Seremban. We reached Seremban at 8pm. I hurriedly said goodbye to my husband and took the bus home. He had to take a taxi because he had missed the last bus home.

When I reached home, safely, my mother scolded me for coming home late. She was so worried. Well, we do not have a telephone at home and those days there were no handphones!! Yeah, my mother was so concerned about me. But then, I was almost 18 years old!! Well, my fault actually, so happy being with my husband on our first date, that I did not realized how fast time flew by…. But then..

After taking my bath, had dinner, and then off to bed. But I did not sleep immediately, I was reminiscing our first date… How we met the first time, the pillar being our witness!! Hehehee… The Johnsons shoes, the rubber trees, the Japanese slippers…. Hahaahaaa

I really enjoyed our date, it might not be love at first sight, but I found him handsome, smart, a gentleman and oh… so full of humour!! He is so funny. By the way, we converse entirely in English!! Years later, my husband thought I could not speak Malay at all!! Hahahahaa….. But then.. (view my next post pls)

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